Ways to Prevent your Computer from Overheating

ways to prevent your computer from overheating
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Generally, electronic devices are not so friendly with heat and whenever you sense overheat, you should know it might be a sign of danger. So, let’s take a look at how to prevent your computer from overheating.

Heat can reduce the lifespan of a PC and desktop and it can make your PC run sluggishly, while in some really bad cases, it can start a fire. Keeping your PC at a moderate temperature is very important for the health of the device.

So, here are a number of ways to prevent your computer from overheating and damage.

Ways to Prevent your Computer from Overheating

1. Give the PC Space

It is very important that your computer has space on its sides, especially during operation. This is because the cooling fans are usually located at the sides and in some rare cases, under.

There should be nothing preventing the cooling fans from functioning the way they should. Computer Systems cases are built for proper cooling. So, therefore, any slight hindrance to even one of the fans may cause adverse effects to the system.

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2. Battery

Another key way to keep your system from overheating is to avoid overcharging the battery. This is a very common bad habit with Nigerians, especially gamers. In the end, they complain of “computer overheating when playing games”

Most people are used to plugging in the chargers of their laptops and still not unplug it even when the battery is charged 100%. This can cause overheating and also damage the battery itself. This is another way to prevent your computer from overheating.

3. Make Sure it is Clean

A common thing with computers is the accumulation of dust and grime after some time of using them. This accumulation of dust can cause adverse effects on the life of the computer system and cause overheating especially.

It is important to regularly clean your computer set, inside and out, probably after every year of usage. This will increase the lifespan of the system and avoid it from packing up. If possible, seek the helo of a computer expert.

4. Operate in a Cool Environment

Maintaining a good environment temperature is very important for the life of your PC. Especially during the summer season, you need to know how to keep your PC cool in summer.

Keeping your room temperature less then 75F – 85F can work some magic. By so doing, the inside of the case would be about 110F – 130F and reduce much work for your PC fan. As soon as your internal temperature is more than 150F, your computer starts overheating.

Note that each computer model and individual components have several safe temperatures operating ranges. It’s important to have info on your desktop model to know its operating conditions.

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I hope this guide was important and you have learned a few ways to prevent your computer from overheating even during summer.

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