8 Best Android Accessories of 2020

Top 10 Best Android Accessories of 2020
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Utilizing the complete features of your android device can be very fulfilling and amazing. To do this, you need to know and have some of the Best Android Accessories.

Generally, Android gadgets are easy to use. So, don’t get all worked up wondering if you will be able to use these cool android phone accessories.  These products of technology are not just available for you to show them off, they actually make your life easier for you.

So, let us see our 8 Best Android Accessories of 2020.

Best Android Accessories in 2020

1. Wireless Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones

These are super cool! If you are considering a versatile, flexible and reliable earphone, then this surely is the best bet for you.

This accessory possesses a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity, which makes connectivity very smooth. You can use it while listening to some cool music and of course, also have access to an in-line mic for when you need to make a call. Add top-notch sound quality to that list also.

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2. Fast Wireless Chargers

Don’t you just admire the beauty of technology?

Instead of having to plug in a cable every time you charge your phone, you simply place your phone on a wireless charger. This feature is available to Android devices that support wireless charging.

How does it work? The battery charges through your phone casing and when you’re done, you simply pick it up.

It may not as fast as your regular cable charging, but it’s certainly easier. Also, if your charging port has an issue, it’s an awesome substitute.

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3. Smart Wristwatches

If you ever thought smartwatches were for only Apple iPhones, then you were totally wrong. Samsung which is one of the best mobile accessory manufacturers produces its own smartwatches for its Android gadgets.

Android devices also have this amazing accessory.

The smartwatch is fashionable, convenient and handy. You can easily control your phone through your smartwatch, as well as receive important notifications like phone calls,text messages, set alarms, e.t.c.

4. Plastic/Glass Screen Guard

No one is perfect really, your phone can drop at any time or have an impact against a wall or hard object that can cause possible damage.

To protect your phone, you need a glass screen guard. Gone are the days where we have to spend so much changing our screens due to damage. Now, you can simply change the screen protector, which is usually very cheap.

Screen guards come in two, plastic or glass. Glass is tougher and more durable than plastic, and as most screens are made out of glass, they’ll feel more realistic to the touch.

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5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Take, for instance, you’re out chilling with your friends and you happen to need some cool music. Your phone speaker might not be so audible to everyone around, but a Bluetooth speaker will definitely be.

Your smartphone can now be a boom-box. These portable speakers can be connected to your Android device via a Bluetooth connection or an aux cable.

6. Car Dashboard Mounter

Across the globe, using your smartphone while driving is a very strong offense. It can cost you in fines or the loss of your driving permit.

Also, smartphones can be useful in the car when driving, especially when you need Google Map assistance or you need to pick an important call. The Car Dashboard Mounter is the perfect accessory for you. This accessory is also available for cyclists and bikers.

You can comfortably use your Google Maps to provide directions on the road, and still respect the law. Also, some cars even allow for Bluetooth integration with Android smartphones, so you can still make a call or listen to music while you’re driving.

7. Portable Charger/PowerBank

Your phone battery can never be 100% reliable. They are bound to run down after some time, especially during high usage.

This is why an external battery charging pack is on our list of best accessories top accessories.

Although capacity varies, a charging pack with several thousand mAh charging capacities should be good to charge your phone from 0 to 100% a few times before it needs to be recharged itself.

It is very handy for those long journeys or trips away from home.

8. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Lastly, we also recommend this accessory in our list of best Android accessories.

You can easily type on this portable keyboard whenever you are tired of your phone’s on-screen keyboards.

The beauty of this keyboard is that the design lets you fold it up into a wallet-sized device. The Li-ion battery aids you to use it for a long time without charging. It comes with a stand for your smartphone too.

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