6 Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do

things you never knew your phone could do
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6 Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do

Smartphones are very lovely; its basically like having a computer in your pocket with packed full of features to make your life easier.  But some of these features are less obvious than others and sometimes are never utilized due to unawareness of their functions.

Lets quickly look at a couple of important buy abstract things you never knew your phone could do for you.

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6 Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do

  • Control other devices

Android phones are being released with infrared blasters. This enables them to be able to control other devices that respond to infrared signals. Some phones have default apps that perform the function in ways like controlling your TV or set-top box. These are some of the things you can control with your phone.

You can also control dozens of gadgets from your DVR to your computer to a high-end digital camera. At work, you can use your iPhone as a remote for PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

  • Track your kids or your Spouse

For safety reasons or for some other reasons, smartphones can enable you to keep track of the whereabouts of your kids or spouse. Apps like Find My iPhone and Verizon Family Locator allow you to remotely check in on the whereabouts of another smartphone using GPS tracking.

  • Monitor your Heart Rate

Apps like Instant Heart Rate, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, are able to give you a pulse reading simply by you placing a finger on the front-facing camera. This can come in handy for bodybuilders and anyone involved in bodily exercise.

It also monitors your fat-burning ability and how quickly your heart rate recovers after exercise.

  • Unlock your Phone automatically whenever you are at home

Security codes or pattern on your phone is a basic security measure for mostly security and privacy. But in safe places like your home, it may actually not be necessary, like in your own home.

Your device will figure out where it is using GPS, and then deactivate the security features you don’t need.  Just go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Places and set up places where you don’t need your phone’s security to be set at maximum. These are some of the amazing things you can do with your phone.

  • Control Your PC from Anywhere

Teamviewer, a well known Android app for controlling your PC from anywhere in the world. Also, with Chrome Remote Desktop, you can access your home or work computer anywhere, anytime. As long as you have the Chrome browser on your desktop, setup is easy.

  • Connect Mouse with your Android Phone

On recent Android devices, you can now connect a wireless mouse to your android device. This feature comes in hand for mostly those with screen issues or those who want the comfort of using a mouse.

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