7 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

7 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Laptop in 2020
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Buying a laptop is slightly an enormous deal, most people don’t realize this till they find themselves getting a nasty or low-quality laptop. Here are the 7 very important things to consider before buying a new laptop online or offline in 2020.

One shouldn’t just dive into the market and buy a laptop simply because you or your kids need one. Before buying a new laptop you want to make certain of what you truly need else you’ll find yourself buying what is going to not serve your needs.

We will take a look at some of the Laptop Specification List you should have in mind and the Specifications of a Good Laptop,

7 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

Before you get a  laptop, brand new or second-hand, here are the list of things you must consider:

1. Your Budget

The amount you’re willing to spend on buying a new laptop is vital. Why choose an Apple laptop which is extremely expensive when you can get an honest HP or Dell laptop half the worth of an Apple laptop, and may also fit your needs.

Though if you’ve got the cash to urge an Apple laptop then choose it. If you can’t afford a new laptop with the specs you would like, then you might have to consider a second hand one.

2. Your Purpose or Need for the Laptop

Before buying there must be a requirement. First, you want to identify the purpose or why you would like to get a new laptop.

The aim of a laptop may include; Graphics Designing, publication, Gaming, Programming, Video Production, etc. it’s from this purpose you’ll tell the specs of the laptop you need.

For example, a graphics designer may have an AMD laptop over an Intel laptop, reasons because AMD is preferred more in graphics; besides, a game programmer or video editor will need a laptop with higher RAM, unlike someone into publication who might not even consider the RAM. attempt to identify your need before getting to the market, this is often vital for comfort and usage.

3. Laptop Brands

All I can say here is that you simply should choose a brand that’s known to be Solid, Durable, User-Friendly and straightforward to Repair.

For me, durability is what I lookout for the most . Dell and HP laptops have been known to be one of the simplest brands, it’s highly durable and straightforward to repair too.

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4.  Random Access Memory (RAM)

With the wide selection of technological advancement, I don’t advise anyone to go for a laptop with a RAM below 4GB.

Basically, the higher the RAM faster your laptop will become, however, 8GB RAM is extremely recommended. Especially once you are required to possess heavy applications/software on your laptop. This is one of the important things you must consider before buying a Laptop.

5. Hard disc Drive / Solid State Disk (HDD/SSD) Storage

Hard disk storage is additionally vital to note before buying a laptop. Most people prefer a laptop with hard disk as much as 1 terabyte (1024 GBs), and some even end up upgrading their hard disk without considering the RAM, and this may end up crashing their laptop.

Before buying a new laptop, confirm the hard disc size will fit your needs. Note that in some cases very high hard disc might hamper your laptop.

6. Size

Bigger size doesn’t mean better performance with laptops, but a much bigger screen. What an enormous size laptop can do, a mini laptop can still do an equivalent.

Size within the case of a laptop is choice and suitability. Therefore, if you care much about portability you’ll want to travel for a mini laptop, while programmers may prefer an enormous size laptop with a much bigger screen.

7. Battery Life

The battery life should be an enormous concern to you especially once you want to shop for a second-hand laptop. A good battery should last a minimum of 3 hours while the high performers can stay awake to eight or 10 hours without charging.

If you’re an important user or gamer, consider going for the high performers. The battery life is one of the important things you must consider before buying a laptop.

Finally, it is advisable you seek help from a tech expert to help you make your choice.

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