How to Get Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Card Without Going To Bank

Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Card
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One of Nigeria’s biggest financial institutions, has released what they call the Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Debit Card.The Zenith Virtual Card specifically designed for web transactions, online shopping and payment of bills and subscriptions. It simply makes all your online transactions fast and easy.

Zenith Bank has now joined the likes of Guaranty Trust Bank who have adopted this system of the Virtual ATM Card.

What is a Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Card?

The Zenith Virtual ATM Card specifically designed for web transactions, online shopping and payment of bills and subscriptions. This means that you can shop online and pay your bills via your ATM card on your phone without having the actual plastic debit card. This is another branch of the Zenith Bank Internet Banking.

Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Card

Zenith Bank is giving out this debit card free of charge to the first 2000 people who are going to apply for it. So what are you waiting for? Here is how to get it fast!


How to Get Zenith Bank Virtual ATM Card

Procedure 1

To get the Zenith Bank Virtual Debit Card, you must have a valid Zenith Bank Account that has been fully verified and linked to your BVN.

  1. Visit the Zenith Bank Website for the Online Virtual Card Application Form
  2. On the form, provide your zenith bank account number
  3. After this, select the Zenith Virtual Card
  4. Perform the verification through the OTP
  5. Create a secret PIN for your card

Procedure 2

If proedure 1 does not work for you, here is another step to follow:

  1. Dial the codeĀ *966*2273# on the line you use to register your zenith bank account or the line you receive debit alers.
  2. A Menu will pop up which you need to follow
  3. Select off getting a virtual card, select either mastercard or visa card.
  4. Confirm the process and agree to the terms and conditions
  5. If you are part of the first 2000 people, you will be charged 0 naira.
  6. Congratulations, the details of your Virtual card will be sent to you as an SMS and viewed in the prompt menu.

Advantages of the Zenith Virtual ATM Card

  1. The virtual ATM cannot be misplaced unlike the plastic one that can be lost or stolen
  2. The virtual ATM saves you the time and stress of going ti the bank to wait for a long queue to get your ATM
  3. You can perform online transctions easily and freely with the Virtual ATM
  4. If your phone is misplaced or stolen, no one can know that you have a virtual debit mastercard or visa card on it.


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