How to Get 9Mobile 1GB for 200 and 5GB For 1000

How to Get 9Mobile 1GB for 200 and 5GB For 1000
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9Mobile, formerly known as Etisalat is one of Nigeria’s biggest telecommunications companies and has introduced an amazing data plan for all its customers to enjoy. 9mobile offers you 1GB for 200 and 5GB for 100. I will be showing you guys just How to Activate this plan.

During the Ramadan Period, they introduced the 1GB for 200 and 5GB for 1000, which everyone thought was for the Celebration but right now, 9mobile has finally made it official for all users.

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How to Be Eligible for 9Mobile 1GB for 200 and 5GB For 1000

To be eligible for this data plan, simply activate it during the weekend by dialing *929*10# i.e. from Friday to Sunday. Then proceed to check your data balance via *228#.


How to Activate 9Mobile 1GB for N200 and 5GB for N1000

How To Activate 9mobile 1GB for 200 

  1. Go straight to your phone and dial *929*10#
  2. Before you dial the code make sure you have the airtime loaded on your sim.
  3. Send the code and your 9mobile line will be loaded with 1GB data.
  4. Remember to disable the auto-renew method. It is not recommended.

How To Activate 9mobile 5GB for 1000

  1. To Activate 9mobile 5G for N1000 just
  2. Dial same code provided about *929*10#
  3. Make sure you have loaded the airtime worth of 1000 on your line.
  4. The first one you dial 200 will be deducted which is 1GB.
  5. Then keep dialing till it completes 1000

How to Check Your Data Balance

To check your data balance for the 9Mobile 1GB for 200, all you need to fo is dial *228# for data balance.

It works for all devices including Android smartphones, Symbian Phones, Blackberry and yes, it is also good for Laptops, PC or Windows. Right now, the 5GB for 1K is one of the best Affordable Data Bundle for Nigerians right now.

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