List of 8 Hottest Tech Skills in 2020 and Beyond

hottest tech skills in 2020
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So many questions have been flying around as regards to skill acquisition. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the Hottest Tech Skills in 2020 

It is no news that the Labour market is now extremely competitive. In this tight labor market,  finding people with the right skills to get the job done can sometimes be more difficult than the skill itself.

The skill circle is getting more and more ruthless with every passing day. So kindly note that talent that fails to upgrade itself to its standards will be promptly tossed aside to the sidelines and in turn, become useless.

So questions might be running through your mind like how can I stay relevant? What skills must I acquire and master to remain on top of my Niche? My Techy Connect is here to provide answers to such questions today.

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List of 8Hottest Tech Skills in 2020

Here is a list put together by us of some of the hottest skills that you will need in the years to come.


Researchers say that by 2022, AI will create 2.3 million new jobs and will generate trillions of dollars in business value. AI is changing the landscape of work. AI relates to machines designed to act intelligently like humans, whereas machine learning relies on devices making sense of a specific set of data.

Average Salary is $100,000 to $150,000 for an AI programmer and $171,715 for an AI engineer\


A data scientist’s role is important in the potential growth and decision making of any company. 80% of enterprises have launched advanced analytics to accelerate their decision-making and bring greater accuracy.

Top 10 companies employing Data Science professionals include Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Paypal, Twitter, and Fidelity Investments.

Average Salary is $59,000 for data analysts and $92,000 for data scientists.


For companies that collect customer information or deals with sensitive data of their own, keeping networks secure is very sacrosanct.  Any situation of data breaching can be very costly and detrimental to the business or company. So, the need for NETWORK AND INFORMATION SECURITY is very important.  About 65% of organizations have a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). This number is expected to grow to 100% by 2021

Average Salary is $94,000/yr

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UI (user interface) specializes in the design of interfaces for websites and apps to be visually appealing, flow well, and be easy for users to navigate. UX (user experience) specializes in a lot of research and testing to consider every element of how the user will interact with the company and website, coordinating with developers and UI designers.


Companies and brands are looking for people with digital marketing skills to improve their company’s web visibility and SEO. If you’re data-minded, SEO/SEM may be suitable for you since the role involves constant testing, measuring, and experimenting to see what works.

For future and intending business owners, digital marketing is another skill that can benefit you if you decide to start your own business in the future.


Machine learning is still one of the most innovative points moving into the future, making it one of the most profitable and hottest tech skills in 2020 and beyond. Machine learning can be applied to diverse industries like healthcare, education, finance, etc.

Average salary is $143K


Virtual reality and augmented reality collectively known as extended reality, or XR is seemingly becoming more useful in other areas other than in just entertainment in the future. Areas like marketing, advertising, health care, and manufacturing are some industries that have already begun adopting XR technology.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Snap (Snapchat), NVIDIA and HTC are some top companies using XR.

Average salary is $75,000 to $80,000


Top 10 companies hiring blockchain professionals: Deloitte, IBM, EY, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, Cisco, Microsoft, ConsenSys, Accenture and Conduent.

A lot of skills are associated with blockchain technology. These skills include networking, cryptography computing, database design, and programming languages ranging from Java, JavaScript, and C++ to Go, Solidity, and Python.

Average salary is between $150,000 and $175,000

Due to  the evolution of blockchain, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for blockchain technology, such as peer-to-peer payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management, digital voting, etc.


Acquire a skill today and increase your value!

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